Urbanspace does more than build food halls and hold public markets. In addition to being champions of small businesses and curators of wonderful things, they are urban planners. Urbanspace is reimagining dynamic spaces in some of the busiest places around the world to reflect the community-building civic centers of the past, with an emphasis on creators with a point of view, innovation, and deliciousness.

Founded in early-70s London, Urbanspace first transformed decaying industrial sections of town into vibrant arts and commercial districts. Examples include Camden Locke and Spitalfields, which are now some of London’s most visited destinations. Urbanspace first came to New York City in the 90s to open the Union Square Holiday Market. This globally recognized independent artisan market is now one of the most significant retail operations in the city. After starting additional holiday markets and seasonal food pop-up festivals, Urbanspace launched its first food hall a block away from Grand Central Station to wide acclaim. New Yorkers continue to clamor for Brooklyn pizza from Roberta’s and Japanese-inspired tacos from Takumi as we’ve added two additional food halls in the city with more on the way.

With the opening of Urbanspace Tysons, outside of Washington DC, Urbanspace began to spread its American mission outside of New York City. Chicago and LA are next on our journey to partner with authentic, value-focused entrepreneurs in finding the hungry crowds that crave them. Urbanspace couldn’t be more excited to discover what Culver City has cooking.